(Art Show Extra-Ordinaire!)

Do Not Miss out on the Best Show Ever! Great Drink Specials.

Extra-Ordinairy! Unique Art-Show with Live Music Entertainment & a DJ!

Fri. September 23/2011. 7 pm-1 am

Did you ever want to own an original piece of artwork minus the pretentious gallery costs, plus enjoy great live music? Come to SpeakerBoxVision Art AShow Party, where you'll schmooze with the artists over a glass of wine. Ask them their intrepreation, buy some Art or.. just dance!

Limited Space Event! 100 tickets available!

$10 tickets (private event)tickets supplied by artists/musicians.

Art Auction from $50-$300 for original Paintings!

firefox Speaker Box Vision has held many art shows such as this one before; Currently we are in Toronto where we will be hitting many locations to hold our Art show that holds original painting by local artists and feature musicians who will perform as well as a DJ that will be with us through out. Limited Space Event! 100 tickets available for sale. Dont's miss out! RSVP by email if interested in attending the art show/auction. contact us for tickets at: artshow@speakerboxvision.com

Over 10 Artists & Live Solo Musicians for this event!


Venue: Location on invitation ticket, $10 value.

Tickets Only, contact your artist for extra tickets.

Fri. Sept. 23, 2011. @ 7:00 pm- 1:00 am